Food science and technology research plays a vital role in addressing the constantly evolving challenges of the modern world through the delivery of solutions that benefit people and the planet.

UQ food science and technology researchers work closely with the food industry on solutions to provide improved food safety, quality, sustainability and nutrition. We also develop new and innovative food products with desirable sensory characteristics.

Our researchers specialise in food chemistry, food microbiology, food processing, food structure and sensory analysis, food material science and engineering, and nutrition. We collaborate with partners in other scientific fields, including those in the food industry, agriculture, engineering, biotechnology and medicine.

Advances in food science and technology can help to reduce food waste, improve food safety and extend the shelf life of products, while having a positive impact on public health.

Our School is home to the FaBA Training Centre. Hosted by UQ, FaBA is an initiative of the Federal Government’s Trailblazer program, with an overarching objective of building workforce capacity through education and training.

A Deadly Solution: Towards an Indigenous-led Bushfood Industry

We work with Indigenous experts and Traditional Custodians to develop bushfoods with business potential through the project A Deadly Solution: Towards an Indigenous-led Bushfood Industry.

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