As the global population grows, so does the need to develop future-focused, innovative solutions for a variety of challenges facing the world’s agricultural industry.

These challenges come in the form of food insecurity, water scarcity, soil degradation, plant diseases and climate change – each of which demands the full attention of our researchers.

Agricultural scientists use advanced, connected technologies to tackle these issues, including sensors to monitor and collect data, drones to image and apply inputs, autonomous equipment, artificial intelligence, data analytics and other emerging technologies such as gene editing.

The use of these technologies can increase yield, improve livestock management, improve decision-making on inputs, enable risk management and lead to better understanding and use of ecosystem services for both crops and livestock.

UQ researchers collaborate with primary producers, industry, NGOs and academic institutes. We lead research in areas including the development of sustainable systems that maximise production and conservation outcomes, animal and plant breeding and genetics, soil and water management, pest and disease control, agricultural technology, precision agriculture and agricultural policy.

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