Teaching and Development

  • PLNT2002 Plant Physiology
  • AGRC3002 Crop Science
  • AGRC7005 Advanced agronomy

Researcher biography

A/Prof Jaquie Mitchell's activities are focused around two core themes.Jaquie has worked on various Research for Development (R4D) projects based in South-East Asia with the aim of improving productivity and livelihoods of smallholder farmers. Currently she leads two R4D projects one focused on developing an integrated weed management package for mechanised and broadcast lowland crop production systems in Laos and Cambodia. While the other is a first of its kind, public private partnership between ACIAR and a private agribusiness company, aiming to establish a highly productive, sustainable, traceable, quality-assured value chain for rice in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, benefiting rice-farming households and meeting the market requirements of SunRice's established global customers.

The second research theme includes examining genetic variation for resistance to abiotic stress, such as high and low-temperature tolerance at the reproductive stage in rice, the advantage of reduced-tillering gene in wheat grown under terminal drought, the effect of salinity and water-deficit on production of volatile compounds in aromatic rice. In close collaboration with the Australian rice industry, Jaquie currently leads two AgriFutures funded pre-breeding projects aimed to improve lodging resistance, cold tolerance and aerobic adaptation for high water productivity rice. In addition to exploring genetic variation in physiological traits and genomic regions of importance to improved water productivity, genomic tools are under development to improve breeding efficiency for the Riverina. Based at The University of Queensland, School of Agriculture and Food Sustainability, Jaquie provides specialist guidance and assistance to undergraduate and postgraduate research students within crop physiology and agronomy with extensive experience conducting research projects focused on abiotic stress, pre-breeding and rice cropping systems research.