Teaching and development

  • PLNT2014 Turf Science 1
  • PLNT3016 Turf Science 2

Researcher biography

Has been working in northern Australia agriculture for more than 30 years. He completed his Bachelors and Phd degrees from The University of Queensland and Master’s degree from North Dakota State University when he worked with the USDA. In the early part of his career he was involved in crop breeding/genetics and physiology in both the private (Pioneer seeds) and public (CSIRO) sectors with a major focus of developing drought resistant cultivars for northern Australia. In 2006 he commenced studying Turfgrass genetics and physiology again with a focus on drought resistance. He now leads the Turfgrass research team at UQ and has a passion for Turf Science education. He is course coordinator of two undergraduate courses in Turf Science given within the Urban Horticulture degree and has graduated many postgraduate students majoring in Turf Science. He also has a keen interest in tropical forages with the aim of minesite dewatering (Santos) and improved plant production under saline conditions.