Plant and crop science researchers work across the breadth of plant sciences, from molecular to applied science, increasing our knowledge of plants and their role in the environment.

The ongoing challenges facing this field include climate change, land-use change, improving biosecurity, plant diseases and pests, nutrient availability, the need for alternative energy sources, and a degrading soil resource base.

Our research focus spans agronomy and plant nutrition, entomology, pathology and weed sciences, biotechnology and physiology as well as ecology, plant breeding, genetics and genomics.

By sharing expertise and using sensing and data science technologies and bioinformatics, including genome-editing technologies such as CRISPR, we find innovative ways to enhance the resilience, efficiency and sustainability of plant and crop systems and the environment.

Our plant and crop science researchers work with diverse national and international partners, including farmers, industry bodies, government agencies, NGOs and academic institutions, to develop and implement stakeholder-relevant solutions.

Our research leads to improved productivity and sustainability of agricultural systems while meeting the growing demand for food and fibre as well as innovative approaches to dealing with impacts of environmental change and energy demands.

Our people