Fast-moving changes in technologies, markets, the climate, geopolitics, societies and levels of food security pose major challenges and opportunities for the agricultural sector.

Responding to these challenges, UQ researchers advance the triple bottom-line objectives of economic, social and environmental sustainability through research and training excellence, innovations and partnerships.

With expertise in farming, marketing, financial and supply chain management, our agribusiness researchers work on whole-of-chain strategies for creating a sustainable and competitive food system.

Our social scientists investigate, design and facilitate gender-inclusive processes, practice change, and multistakeholder agricultural innovation platforms.

Our agricultural economists deliver grounded analyses and tools that support decision-making in agricultural and natural resource management and policy, trade and international development.

Through multidisciplinary collaborations with farmers, firms, industry bodies, policymakers, development agencies and researchers, we strive to positively impact people’s daily lives, society and the environment.

Our people