Teaching and Development

  • AGRC7049 Extension and Participatory Practice
  • ENVM2521 Participatory Research, Development and Extension Practice
  • MGTS2961 Working with groups and teams (Summer Semester)

Researcher biography

She worked as Research Fellow in Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (2010-2014) on ‘Increasing Vegetable Production in Central Province, Papua New Guinea to Supply Port Moresby Markets’. Her role in most of the projects is to engage small holders to access markets and improve livelihoods.
Her area of interest and expertise are social research in rural communities, participatory techniques and action research methodology. She has worked for most of her career in the fields of extension, communication, community development, gender and food security. She supervises PhD and Maters’ students. 
During the period 2010 to now, Gomathy has been teaching Post Graduate courses like Research, Development and Extension Methodologies, Participatory Research, Development and Extension Practice and Working with groups and teams.