Name Project Advisor
Muhammad Fadzli Bin Ali Enhancing our understanding of smallholder rubber production behaviour through the development of an integrated decision support system: a Malaysian case study Dr Ammar Abdul Aziz
Minoli Amarasinghe Demand side management in a sustainable electricity system for Sri Lanka Assoc Prof Colin Brown
Shelley Baldwin Protecting agribusiness by improving the onshore gas industry's best-practice methods of co-existence under current governance frameworks Prof Helen Ross
Janine Basha Understanding information sharing in Australian fresh food value chains Dr Phillip Currey
Sarah Choudhury Learning how to manage for resilience - strategically monitoring for adaptive governance of social ecological systems Prof Helen Ross
Inne Dwiastuti The economics of greater use of the renewable energy sources of rural community development in small islands Prof Helen Ross
Yulia Fitriana Reconciling conseration and development: the case of coffee producers in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Indonesia Prof Robert Cramb
Kora Fortunaso-Hulmann Adolescent food enrironment and wellbeing: understanding attitudes and food choice predictors in different learning environments Prof Helen Ross
Benjamin Francis Financial and economic performance of silvicultural treatments in subtropical private native forests of Australia Tyron Venn
Yaochen Hou Global agriculture trading hub: the collection and management of gib data around production, post-harvesting and logistics in order to manage the risk and performance of Australian agrifood industry export chains into China Assoc Prof Kim Bryceson
Jing Hu Changes of functional traits of dominant species in the process of degraded forests restoration in watersheds in the Philippines Dr John Herbohn
Kankana (Nilmini) Jayalth  Weather variability and coconut production in Sri Lanka: State-contingen analysis Prof Robert Cramb
Aaron Kama Adoption of agricultural innovations in Solomon Islands: farmers' response, innovativeness and adaption to strategies for agriculture development Prof Helen Ross
Melanie King 2050 and beyond: impacts of population growth, changing consumption patterns and climate change on food security in the Asia-Pacific region and Australia's future role in meeting its own and the region's demands Dr Carl Smith
Nikko Laorden Developing sustainable mango value chairns: a look at incentive mechanisms and private governance as key entry points Dr Phil Currey
Chengdong Liao Strengthening extension advisory services in China through learning from Australia Dr Gomathy Palaniappan
Trie Mahendri The impact of cattle credit on cattle production and farmer's income in Indonesia Dr Scott Waldron
Arya Ningsih Scenario analysis on the management of forest product as the implication of law 23/2014 on regional government. Dr Phil Currey
Yanti Nuraeni Mufikh Understanding the dynamic behaviour of the Indonesian chilli value chain to improve smallholder livelihoods Dr Ammar Abdul Aziz
 Purwanto Rural infrastructure, agriculture development and poverty alleviation in the rural area of small islands of Indonesia Prof Helen Ross
Glory Dee Romo Analysis of the choices of economic actors in terms of the degree of vertical coordination for relevant horticultural value chains in the Philippines Assoc Prof Colin Brown
Salman Sarwar Impact of technology on facilitating integration and adding value into agrifood chains in South-East Asia Professor Kim Bryceson
Md Shawkat Sohel Water use by different forms of planted forest in the Philippines: implication for improving the outcomes of reforestation and efficient catchment management Assoc Prof John Herbohn
Tamara Stanley Diversity of views, strategies and tactics within Australia's food & nutrition policy landscape: the trilogy of sugar, sodium and saturated fat Assoc Prof Kim Bryceson
Ali Md Akber Sustainability pathways for shrimp aquaculture in tropical coastal areas Prof Helen Ross
Sabrina Chakori Circular economy in Australia: interplay of environmental and economics systems within the food industry Dr Ammar Abdul Aziz
Adelino Do Rego Increasing incomes of small-holder cattle farmers in timor-Leste: an analysis of farm management options, communication methods and decision-making Dr Scott Waldron
Noel Kalo A value chain analysis to increase farm-gate cattle prices for smallholders in Vanuatu Dr Scott Waldron
Janina Kaluza The ecology and conservation of the water mouse in the Maroochy River catchment Dr Luke Leung
Janine Teese Understanding information sharing in Australian fresh food value chains Dr Phil Currey
Adriana Vega Grau Species and functional diversity, structure and compsition on aboveground biomass and carbon stock in tropical small-scale agroecosystems across a landscape Dr John Herbohn


Name Project Advisor
Dalene Adam Behavioural and physiological adaptations of the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) to climate change Dr Bill Ellis
Yaqoub Al-Hosni Impact of heat load on microbial community and rumen function Dr Rafat Al Jassim
Tiago Alves Correa Carvalho Da Silva Feeding strategies for the early-weaned calf Prof Dennis Poppi
Amy Anstis Improving the starch availability of sorghum grain for dairy cows in a subtropical feedbase Prof Dennis Poppi
Risa Antari The effect of nutrition on bone growth in cattle Prof Dennis Poppi
Linda Behrendorff Ecology and management of dingoes on Fraser Island Dr Luke Leung
Elizabeth Bellward Maximising profit and cash flow in captive wildlife facilities to allow greater support of in-situ conservation Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Julie Broken-Brow The ecology of microbats in Cape York Dr Luke Leung
Tamielle Brunt Platypus populations in Queensland: an analysis of distribution, health and threats Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Joanne Bussey A novel approach to developing a koala conservation strategy for Queensland: conserving koalas on agricultural land Dr Bill Ellis
Milou Dekkers Patch grazing: dynamics of pasture ecology and diet selection in the tropical savannah rangelands Prof Dennis Poppi
Lindawati Doloksaribu Improvement of rearing goat management in Bali Provence, Indonesia Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Zilong (Jack) Du Non-invasive assessment of male reproductive function in the captive Southern hairy-nosed wombat Assoc Prof Stephen Johnston
Megan Edwards Predator avoidance training of Australian marsupials with the use of microchip-automated devices Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Tianyi Feng Spermatogenesis and sperm assessment in the Australian giant tiger prawns, Penaeus monodon (Fabricius, 1798) Assoc Prof Stephen Johnston
Lyndal Hulse The effect of chlamydia on koala semen quality Assoc Prof Stephen Johnston
David Innes Intake regulation in ruminants consuming nutrient deficient diets Simon Quigley
La Toya Jamieson Wildlife detection dogs: the ideal dog, dog-handler and testing format Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Alex Jiang Research into post-release rehabilitated koalas: survival rate, welfare implications and interactions with existing wild local individuals Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Janina Kaluza The ecology and conservation of the water mouse in the Maroochy River catchment Dr Luke Leung
Muhammad Shahjalal Khan Detoxification of fluoroacetate by naturally occurring rumen microorganisms Professor Wayne Bryden
Patricia Leehong Estimating body composition and the relationship of energy stores to reproductive status in the short-beaked Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) Professor Wayne Bryden
Jarrod Lees Development of heat load index for dairy cows in sub-tropical environment Assoc Prof John Gaughan
Margie Maccoll Stakeholders perceive the delivery of ecosystems with representative, self-sustaining populations of fauna and flora endemic to the Scenic Rim will benefit them socially, economically and environmentally Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Windu Negara Improving the efficiency of rumen function - when to intervene Dr Athol Klieve
Elizabeth Owens Nutrition of elite performance horses Professor Wayne Bryden
Stephanie Sammes Nutritional strategies to alleviate heat stress in cattle Dr John Gaughan
Bridie Schultz Genetic capture technology for the conservation of koalas in South East Queensland Assoc Prof Stephen Johnston
Yadav Sharma Bajagai Effects of probiotics on productivity and health of poultry Dr Athol Klieve
Jazmine Skinner Vitamin K metabolism in the horse Dr Judy Cawdell-Smith
Ryan Stevens Improved poultry performance following removal of dietary antinutrients and toxins with novel feed additives Professor Wayne Bryden
Kirsty Sullivan Relative abundance of Elds Deer and free roaming dogs across three different forest types in Western Siem Pang wildlife sanctury, Cambodia Dr Luke Leung
Alyce-Maree Swinbourne Southern hairy-nosed wombat reproduction physiology and breeding for the development of assisted-reproductive techniques and captive management Assoc Prof Stephen Johnston
Charlotte Tinsley Control of paralysis ticks (lxodes holocyclus): formulation of an acaricide treatment for bandicoots Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Andrea Wallage The effect of heat stress on the thermoregulation of the mammalian tests: an evolutionary investigation Assoc Prof Stephen Johnston
Natalie Waller What drives population numbers of the common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) in north Queensland tropical savanna? Dr Luke Leung
Ruishu Wang The ecology and control of rabbits in the Lockyer Valley Dr Luke Leung
Kurt Watter Chital deer: competition with cattle of grazing resources and their impact on the economic viability of cattle production Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Jason Brett Weare The nutritional management of grazing dairy cows on a PMR system subjected to environmental heat stress Dr John Gaughan
Zhiwei Zou Improved broiler phosphorus utilisation and transporter gene expression Professor Wayne Bryden


Name Project Advisor
Bhaskar Adhikari Effect of gas bubbles on crystallisation of dairy system Prof Bhesh Bhandari
Maria Botero-Uribe Developing a potato value chain from the raw material to the processed chip Prof Melissa Fitzgerald
Crystal Concepcion Harnessing new technologies to understand the consumer experience of eating high-quality rice Prof Melissa Fitzgerald
Pramesh Dhungana Effect of droplet size on functionality and stability of dairy emulsions Prof Bhesh Bhandari
Anran Dong Biocontrol of pathogens on vegetables Assoc Prof Mark Turner
Sara Ghorbani Gorji Identifying natural products for improving shlf life of mayonnaise Prof Melissa Fitzgerald
Sylvester Mantihal Assessing 3D food printing technology: application in dark chocolate extrusion Prof Bhesh Bhandari
Malik Nawaz Processing and quality of glutinous rice Prof Bhesh Bhandari
Negin Neinavaie Controlling the property of emulsion-filled alginate microgel particles produced by impinging aerosol technique Prof Bhesh Bhandari
Tran Phuong Thao Nguyen Digestibility of infant formula formulations Dr Sangeeta Prakash
 Dian Ningtyas Dynamic oral processing and characterization of functional ingredient enriched low-fat cream cheese Dr Sangeeta Prakash
Bhaveshkumar Panchal Influence of emulsion size and fat crystallisation on the functional properties of milk fat systems Prof Bhesh Raj Bhandari
Thi Huong Pham The role of the purine metabolism in stress resistance in Lactococcus Assoc Prof Mark Turner
Elisabeth Prabawati Lactobacillus plantarum as a biopreservative for cheese Dr Nidhi Bansal
Tezar Ramdhan Properties of encapsulated composite alginate microgel particales Prof Bhesh Raj Bhandari
Anu Ratnayake Mudiyanselage Development of a small-scale UHT processing plant Dr Nidhi Bansal
Bal Kumari Sharma Khanal Manipulation of textural properties of low-fat cheddar cheese Dr Nidhi Bansal
Anita Sikes Biochemical and biophysical changes associated with tenderisation of meat using very fast-chilling and high-pressure processing Dr Bruce D'Arcy
Jaspal Singh Improving ultra-high temperature processability of high-protein beverages Dr Nidh Bansal
Nghia Tran Bioactive compounds from rice bran Prof Melissa Fitzgerald
Lourdes Urban Alandete Lipid degradation during grain storage: markers, mechanisms and shelf-life extension treatments Prof Melissa Fitzgerald
Ngoc Minh Thu Vu Cyclic-di-AMP effects on cell wall metabolism and salt resistance in Lactococcus Assoc Prof Mark Turner
Jie Zhang Transformation processing of human milk Dr Nidh Bansal
Yang Zhu Role of hydrocolloids in dairy products, their interactions with protein and fat and contribution to physical and sensory characteristics Dr Sangeeta Prakash
Zhengzheng  Zou Characterisation of Australian camel milk Dr Nidhi Bansal
Arianna Dick Zambrano 3D printing of meat Dr Sangeeta Prakash
Ulfa Najamuddin Ambo Rappe Arsenic in Indonesian rice varieties: concentration, speciation and mitigation Prof Melissa Fitzgerald
Phan Khanh Kim Thi Improving the thermal stability of bacteria by encapsulation Prof Bhesh Raj Bhandari
Naomi Vinden Improving the thermal stability of bacteria by encapsulation Prof Bhesh Raj Bhandari
Xiaoying Xiong Milk Foaming Dr Mark Turner
Name Project Advisor
Abdullah Al Hosni Wastewater management in conservation of the degrading traditional farming system Prof Daryl Joyce
Faisal Saeed Alsenani Screening and isolation of natural health products and new antibiotics from microalgae Prof Peer Schenk
Hamed Subhi Alsufyani Optimisation of oil extraction process from microalgae for biofuel production Prof Peer Schenk
Monia Anzooman Understanding physiological basis for wheat genotypes adaption on sodic, magnesic or dispersive soils Dr Yashpal Pal Dang
Robert Banks Land use-induced changes to short-term soil formation Dr Gunnar Kirchhof
Ali Ahsan Baywa Exploring the mechanism of Parthenium hysterophorus invasion in Pakistan Prof Steve Adkins
Shelby Berg Enhancing the efficacy of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and recyclable waste to benefit plant nutrition and root architecture Prof Susanne Schmidt
Henry Birt The banana microbiome Dr Paul Dennis
Pax Blamey Physiology and biochemistry of sensitivity and tolerance to high manganese in crop plants Dr Peter Kopittke
Mark Bonner Belowground carbon and nutrient dynamics of tropical secondary forests and plantations Prof Susanne Schmidt
Scott Buckley Organic nitrogen dynamics in agricultural soils Prof Susanne Schmidt
Apurbo Kumar Chaki The value of CA technologies in improving productivity and resourse-use efficiency for farmers in the Eastern Gangetic Plants (EGP) of Bangladesh Prof Neal Menzies
Sinh Chao Enhancing commercialisation of Cambodian agriculture through controlling rice kernel cracking in ost harvest processing Prof Shu Fukai
Zhong Xiang Cheah Role of trace element nutrition in food quality and disease resistance in sweet corn Professor Mike Bell
Xitong Chu Peptide control of soybean nodulation Prof Peter Gresshoff / Dr Brett Ferguson
Elvis Teng Chua Development of a pipeline for EPA and other high-value componds from Nannochloropsis  Professor Peer Schenk
Yi Cu Biodiesel production from microalgae Professor Peer Schenk
Grant Cutler Manipulating soil-water status at various growth stages for increased water-use efficiency and aconomic productivity from irrigated pulses Dr Marisa Collins
Diego Correa Gomez Spatial prioritisation for sustainable algae production based on environmental and socio-economical factors Professor Peer Schenk
Elizabeth Czislowski Characterisation of putative pathogenicity SIX genes in Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense A/Prof Elizabeth Aitken
Aloesi Dakuidreketi Exploiting inducible disease resistance to improve tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) and pepper (Capsicum annum) production in Fiji A/Prof Liz Aitken
Tam Dang Thi Thanh Involvement of heterotrimeric G-protein in plant defence: establishing the signalling pathways leading the defence against pathogens Prof Jimmy Botella
Sandra Dennien Innovating new virus diagnostics for the Australian sweet potato industry Assoc Prof Victor Galea
Christian Forstner Effects of xenobiotics on soil microbial diversity and function Dr Paul Dennis
Apollo Gomez Developing screening methods for assessing pathogenicity on strawberry of Macrophomina phaseolina from strawberry and non-strawberry hosts A/Prof Elizabeth Aitken
Lina Gonzalez Gonzalez Development of a mircoalgal cultivation system for biofuel production in algae energy farms Prof Peer Schenk
Karen Graham Investigating the efficiency of current wheat breeding techniques and gene transfer of rust and dormancy Dr Mark Dieters
Michael Halliday Understanding and controlling DHP toxicity in ruminants consuming leucaena leucoephala in Australia and Eastern Indonesia Dr Harry Shelton
April Hastwell Functional characterisation of novel peptide hormones in legume nodulation and plant development Dr Brett Ferguson
Nurul Hidayah Study of infection on mechanisms of sugarcane smut caused by Sporisorium Scitamineum A/Prof Victor Galea
Bhavna Hurgobin Characterisation of Brassica napus haplotype selection during canola breeding using next-generation sequencing data Prof David Edwards
Muhammad Sarmad Iftikhar Examination of combined selection for grain yield and grain protein from wheat recurrent selection programs Professor Kaye Basford
Nasser Hussein Molecular and serological detection of tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) and designing a control strategy Prof Peer Schenk
Nadeem Iqbal Development of organic herbicides by evaluating the allelopathic potential of some Australian native plants Prof Steve Adkins
Andrew Jones Linking belowground processes to ecosystem function Prof Susanne Schmidt
Candice Jones Functional characterisation of new CLE peptide hormones of soybean Dr Brett Ferguson 
Zaiful Kamde Molecular characterisation of flowering in the tree legume pongamia pinnata Prof Peter Gresshoff
Parastoo Karimian Investigating the mechanism of G protein mediated defence in plants Prof Jimmy Botella
Lisa Kelly Fusarium species associated with summer field crops in Queensland, Australia A/Prof Elizabeth Aitken
Mohammed Khudhair Characterisation of host pathogen interactions between crown rot pathogens and wheat under increasing carbon dioxide and temperatures A/Prof Liz Aitken
Yunru Lai Assessing the impact of soil sodicity to wheat production in Queensland using multi-year remote sensing and GIS Dr Yash Dang
Huey Tyng Lee Applying bioinformatics on next-generation sequencing data for crop improvement Prof David Edwards
Cui Li Tailoring physiologically-based nanomaterial fertilisers for the biofortification of Zn in broadacre crops Dr Peter Kopittke
Zhigen Li Understanding the importance of the binding of toxic metals to plant cell walls on their loosening Dr Peter Kopittke
Bruce Llewellyn Spray drift reduction using controlled droplet application Dr Andrew Hewitt
Sarah Lorberg Understanding the involvement of Brassica SYM genes in plant pathogen interactions A/Prof Jacqueline Batley
Arun Jesuraj Manoharan Development of novel gene silencing echnologies to control Rhizoctonia solani in tomato Prof Jimmy Botella
Runping Mao Behaviour of parthenium weed seeds in the soil seed bank Prof Stephen Adkins
Natsumi Maruta Establishing the molecular mechanisms used by extra-large G-proteins controlling the plant innate immunity Prof Jimmy Botella
Karen Massel Genome editing approaches to increased cereal grain size Prof Ian Godwin
Andrea Matthews Diversity of Fusarium oxysporum on ginger and assessment of tissue culture derived plants to infection Professor Elizabeth Aitken
Donald McMurrich Canopy manipulation of sorghum to create a more efficient, stress tolerant plant with increased yield Prof Ian Godwin
Emma Meyers Interaction of water use efficiency and resistance to Fusarium crown rot in wheat Dr Mark Dieters
Hooman Mirzaee Isolation and characterisation of new antimicrobial compounds from soil microorganisms Prof Peer Schenk
Nur Mohd Nor Improving vegetable root systems to increase nitrogen use efficiency Prof Neal Menzies
Juan Daniel Montenegro Cabrera Identification and characterisation of resistance gene clusters in the brassica sp. genome Prof David Edwards
Khamla Mott In-transit ripening and prediction of outturn quality for mango Prof Daryl Joyce
Nurazilah Mustapha Genetic engineering of sorghum bicolur grain for nutritional improvement Prof Ian Godwin
Margaret Mwathi Creating a new Brassica species for food and biofuel A/Prof Jacqueline Batley
Ohnmar Myint Diversification and intensificaiton of rice-based systems in lower Myanmar Prof Shu Fukai
Sijesh Natarajan Sugarcane for water-limited environments: characterisation of a selected sugarcane germplasm from transpiration efficiency and high biomass production for the sugarcane growing regions in Australia Prof Shu Fukai
Thien Quang Nguyen Micropropagation of coconut for germplasm exchange and elite seedling production Prof Stephen Adkins
Sara Niaz Soil organic matter and organic amendments: effects on sodium on soil physical properties Prof Neal Menzies
Thi Thao Ninh Biotechnological control of plant pathogens Prof Jimmy Botella
Urvi Parekh Role of phosphorylation in G protein signalling Prof Jimmy Botella
Arslan Peerzada Ecology and management of weeds in sorghum Dr Chris O'Donnell
Rhys Pirie Next-generation fertilisers for nutrient stewardship Professor Susanne Schmidt
Lara-Simone Pretorius Identifying the phytotoxic metabolites of Fusarium oxysporum to develop new approaches for disease resistance in plants Prof Peer Schenk
Christopher Proud The genetic analysis of physiological traits in rice contributing to aerobic adaption Dr Jaqueline Mitchell
Anura Ratnasiri Surveillance of low birthweight, preterm deliveries and infant mortality in California, 2006-2013: application of multivariable statistics to explore socioeconomic status by maternal morbidity interactions Prof Kaye Basford
Peter Ruscoe Sting nematode (Ibipora Lolii) on turf grass in Western Australia A/Prof Elizabeth Aitken
Monica Salazar Cajas Evaluating legume companion cropping for reducing greenhouse gases emissions from sugarcane soils Dr Susanne Schmidt
Kusinara Singappuli Mudiyanselage  Effect of different allopathic compounds against selected common invasive species in Australia Prof Steve Adkins
Vilayphone Sourideth Efficient irrigation water use of maize and rice in dry season in Laos Dr Jaqueline Mitchell
Chelsea Stroppiana Improved water quality outcomes from on-farm nitrogen management Dr Ryo Fujinuma
Zuziana Susanti Physiological and morphological characters contributing to cold tolerance in rice Dr Jaqueline Mitchell
Sharifah Syed Ab Rahman Biodiscovery of biological control agents and antagonistic compounds against phytophthora SP: elucidating the mechanism of microbe-microbe interactions Prof Peer Schenk
Basam Tabet Manipulating sorghum grain size and plant architecture Prof Ian Godwin 
Yan Yan Tang Development and characterisation of functional food from microalgae Prof Peer Schenk
Prapa Taranet Soil water and nutrient dynamics in composted mound Dr Gunnar Kirchhof
Susan Thompson Diaporthe species responsible for stem cankers on sunflower in Australia A/Prof Elizabeth Aitken
Lauren Trenkner In vivo and in vitro investigation of growth and nutrition in barramundi Prof Peer Schenk
Kenneth Tryggestad Optimisation of karrikin compounds and their delivery methods for the Australian vegetable industry Dr Jitka Kochanek
Aljay Valida Postharvest biology underpinning quality in fresh produce supply chains Dr Daryl Joyce
Taylor Wass Deep sequencing for genomic assembly of a locally-adapted Tetraselmis microalgal strain Prof Peer Schenk
Kylie Wenham Development of rapid phenotypic screening techniques for important soil-borne diseases affecting Australian peanuts A/Prof Victor Galea
Maren Westermann Effect of organic nutrients on sugarcane growth, microbial activity and greenhouse gas emissions Prof Susanne Schmidt
Nicholas Willey Rapid-generation, marker-assisted breeding Dr Mark Dieters
Rusmi Sri Wiyati The interaction between soil acidity and soil pathogen infection in vegetable crop species A/Prof Victor Galea
Belinda Worland Identification of nitrate transporters and corresponding regulatory and metabolic genes under variable conditions of nitrate supply in diverse Sorghum bicolor genotypes for improved nitrogen use Prof Ian Godwin
Jingtao Wu Fate and behaviour of nanomaterials in terrestrial ecosystems and ecosystem Dr Peter Kopittke
Lisa Xian Ecophysiology of spinifex grasses Prof Susanne Schmidt
Lei Xiong Tailoring hydroxyapatite nanoparticles as a phosphorus (P) fertilizer in soils Dr Peng Wang
Hua Yang Identification of candidate genes for blackleg resistance in the new Brassica juncea canola A/Prof Jacqueline Batley
Mengbai Zhang Molecular analysis of nodulation control of soybean Prof Peter Gresshoff / Dr Brett Ferguson
Yaqi Zhang Understanding phosphorus in soils: Behaviour of phosphorus fertilisers Dr Peter Kopittke
Yiping Zou Establishing the role of extra large G proteins in plant immunity Prof Jimmy Botella