Climate change and a growing world population have created a reality that’s significantly more complex than traditional crop and livestock production. In response, the agricultural industry is adopting more technologically advanced, future-focused and sustainable approaches to feed and clothe people.

Our degree programs equip you with the advanced scientific and technical skills necessary to excel and become an in-demand expert globally.

You’ll learn from internationally renowned teachers who are connected with industry and government, with access to world-class facilities at our St Lucia and Gatton campuses.

As a postgraduate, you’ll work with advanced connected technologies, including sensors to monitor and collect data, drones to image and apply inputs, autonomous equipment, artificial intelligence, data analytics and other emerging technologies such as gene editing. 

Why choose agricultural science at UQ?

Our flexible degree programs enable you to develop general or specialised expertise, and you’ll gain practical experience through hands-on course practicals, industry placements, field trips and study tours.

On completion of your undergraduate study, you can choose to complete a standalone one-year honours program, which provides an opportunity to undertake an independent research project under the guidance of world-leading scientists.

You can also gain additional practical business skills by choosing the Bachelors of Agribusiness / Agricultural Science dual degree.

As a graduate, you’ll find employment in a wide range of industries within the agricultural sector, including agronomy and horticulture, research and development, rural finance, agricultural and resource economics, and more. 

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