My research is about Indonesian mango, especially to provide recommendations to improve the performance of the Indonesian mango industry in delivering quality to the market. First, a systematic review was conducted to determine the quality attributes that had been previously used in similar research. The identified quality attributes will be the basis for further research, to understand what quality attributes are desired by markets, both the Indonesian domestic market and the targeted export market. After what consumers want is investigated, the research will then continue to determine the processes that occur in the value chain, whether it is able to fulfil what consumers want, and if not, how improvements can be made to be able to produce mangoes as preferred. To understand the interactions between components, actors, and activities within the Indonesian mango value chain system, systems thinking approach are adopted. Finally, through the identification of leverage points within the system, policy recommendations can be made for stakeholders to improve the performance of the Indonesian mango value chain in order to meet consumer demand.

Funding: The University of Queensland Research Training Program; Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development

Project members

Adhitya Marendra Kiloes

PHD candidate
School of Agriculture and Food Sustainability