This research aims to understand the adoption of certified farming practices among peri-urban vegetable farmers by exploring the roles of linkages between peri-urban production systems and urban food systems. In this study, the linkages between peri-urban agriculture and urban food systems refer to a relationship between actors (in peri-urban agriculture – mostly farmers and farm organisation) and in (urban food systems – wholesalers, retailers and consumers) in the value chain to establish and develop the relationships through a flow of production, information sharing, financial supports and governance relationships to achieve shared value for all actors in the chain. The study will use mixed-method (qualitative and quantitative method) to address the research problem. The expected findings of this study would offer suggestions to improve farmers’ livelihood and food opportunities in the city by increasing the rate of adoption of modern farming practices in peri-urban agriculture.


Funding: The University of Queensland 

Project members

Thi Hai Dang

PHD candidate
School of Agriculture and Food Sustainability