Over 80% of villages in the Kei Islands are located in the coastal area, making it likely that local economic growth will involve a thriving fishery sector. To do so, the coastal community needs to increase the multiplier effect of fishery products by adding more added value. Also, local coastal communities in the region need to expands their market beyond Kei Islands, thus, the cold chain can make sure the quality of fresh and wet fishery products to users in other regions in the country. It is crucial to improve the welfare of coastal communities in Kei Islands, by doing so, optimizing supply chain of various fisheries commodities is the key on improve value chain received by coastal communities in the region. Thus, the aim of the study is to optimize supply chain of major fisheries commodities in Kei Islands namely seaweed, sea cucumber and fish, in order to provide more favourable the value chain to increase the income of fishermen and marine farmer in Kei islands. 

Funding: Australian Awards Scholarship (AAS) 

Project members

Wellem Anselmus Teniwut

PHD candidate
School of Agriculture and Food Science