This research seeks to assess the levels and determinants of food safety culture, knowledge and practice amongst key personnel in the Queensland’s Food Service Sector. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, it will establish the critical factors that both, positively and negatively affect the overall efficiency of food safety management functions in food businesses in the Queensland food service sector based on the following research questions; RQ 1. What are the compliance rates to current legislation? RQ 2. What is the food safety knowledge score of food handlers? RQ 3. What does the food safety culture look like in food service establishments? RQ 4. What are the critical factors affecting food handling practices? RQ 5. What are the determinants of the critical factors occurring?

Funding: The University of Queensland Research Training Tuition Fee Offset and Research Training Stipend for International Students.

Project members

Julie Gruenfeldova

PHD candidate
School of Agriculture and Food Sustainability