Researcher biography

Anne is currently appointed as a lecturer in Animal Science and Production and has a broad range of intests within the animal science landscape. Anne began her studies in the field of Equine Science and then further broadened to Agricultural Science which has provided a diverse backdrop to her current interests. The field of parasitology was the focus of her PhD studies as she investigated the underlying physiology of the periparturient relaxation to gastrointestinal worms in sheep, however, this multidisciplinary topic has led to interests across the board in immunology, endocrinology and nutrition. During her post-doctoral term, Anne worked on projects that investigated anthelmintic resistance in important equine and cattle parasites and on the development of molecular diagnostic tools. Her more recent work continues to build on these interests in equine parasitology through supervision of students in this field, but also includes projects focussed on small ruminant parasite management and nutrition. Anne's research interests are industry-focussed with a strong drive for useful outcomes to improve the management of horses and livestock.