Teaching and Development

  • LAND2003 The Soil Environment

Researcher biography

Acid soil, Aluminium toxicity, soil acidity, rhizosphere, plant roots, root growth, plant cell wall, nutrient uptake, plant nutrition

Having completed my B.Sc. majoring in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Chemistry, I completed my M.Sc. (Agric) in Horticultural Science. After completing a PhD on the effect of heavy metals and aluminium on plant root biochemistry, I have worked for various plant biotechnology companies, focussing on genetic engineering of crops, in-vitro growth, propagation systems and salinity tolerant tree crops. After rejoining the University, I have been involved in minesite rehabilitation, focussing on plant-soil-water relationships. I have completed and ARC funded research on Al toxicity, focussing on the hydrolysis of Al in plant roots. I am currently researching the effect of coal seam water application and the movement of salts in soils. I am also teaching the introductory Soil Science course to undergraduate students.