Teaching and Development

  • AGRC1021 Applied Plant Biology
  • HORT2007/3009 Horticultural Science
  • HORT3008 Lifestyle Horticulture
  • HORT3003/7002 Production Horticulture
  • AGRC2019 Ecology of Natural and Agricultural Systems
  • Honours Coordinator Horticulture
  • Bachelor of Science Honours Soil and Plant Bioscience

Researcher biography

Dr Robyn Cave is a horticulturalist with research experience in plant reproductive biology and the control of plant development and flowering. Robyn completed her doctorate in 2011 at UQ, where she developed a model to predict the duration of vegetative and reproductive phases of herbs in response to temperature, vernalisation and daylength. Since commencing her teaching and research position in 2014, she has worked on tree crop projects such as, pollination of macadamia, leaf nutrient sampling in macadamia, and seed germination for rootstock development of macadamia and pecan. Robyn has also worked on photosynthetic activity, grafting and the use of plant growth regulators in herbaceous crops.