Researcher biography

Dr Lindsay Shaw specialises in understanding the genetics behind yield associated traits in cereal and horticultural crops. Lindsay completed a Bachelor of Biotechnology with Honours and a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Queensland on the role of the Dof transcription factor family in wheat development, at CSIRO's Agriculture and Food.

Upon completing her doctorate, Lindsay undertook a postdoctoral fellowship at the John Innes Centre Crop Genetics Department in Norwich, UK and began her work on understanding the regulation of flowering time in wheat through the photoperiod pathway. Dr Shaw then returned to CSIRO as an OCE Postdoctoral Fellow working on the regulation of grain size in cereal crops.

Following her postdoctoral research, Lindsay took up the opportunity to continue her work from the UK as a Project Scientist at the University of California Davis Department of Plant Sciences. Her research focused on understanding how genes in the photoperiod pathway interact to regulate flowering and spike development in temperate cereal crops.

Dr Shaw joined the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation in 2019 and her research is focused on the application of emerging genetic and genomic technologies for Horticultural crop improvement.

Areas of research